Rails Camp New Zealand: March 22nd-25th, 2013

Graham Wagener
Apr 10, 2013

Recently, some of Resolve Digital's development team attended Rails Camp at Camp Kaitoke, just north of Wellington.

Rails Camps are a unique experience for developers to meet up with other like-minded people in an informal environment, without access to the internet. The idea is that internet deprivation will promote better verbal communication between the attendees (also aided by the abundant supply of craft beer/cider on tap) and encourage people to come up with their own solutions to problems without the tools they might otherwise access.

We spent our time hacking on interesting projects with people we'd never met before or just chatting about our experiences in the development world. We also worked on the upcoming Ace Flyer game in preparation for the Big Indie Pitch, which was only a week away at that point.

A group of us went for a walk up the nearby Puffer Track to a saddle overlooking the Camp Kaitoke facility and the surrounding valley for a change of scenery.

Camp Kaitoke

On the final night everyone was given the chance to present what they had been working on, the top three were chosen by the organisers, and the group chose the order of those three via an applause meter system. They all received Github membership vouchers for their efforts.

A lot of fun was had by all, with many games of the Rails Camp staple, Werewolf, played and many new contacts made in the Rails community.

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