Exploring Alternatives: Top Refinery CMS Alternatives for eCommerce

Sol Dieguez
May 27, 2022

Refinery CMS is a free open-source content management system based on Ruby on Rails that helps to create custom manageable websites and eCommerce online stores. This is currently the most popular Ruby on Rail CMS tool and is used by thousands of eCommerce businesses to support their website and build responsive eCommerce solutions. 

Still, it’s possible for eCommerce businesses to discover that Refinery CMS isn’t quite the right content management system for them. This can be due to various reasons, but the good news is there is always a choice when it comes to picking a new CMS. A few similar tools as Refinery CMS can simplify your eCommerce development and are just as reliable as this popular platform. Here are the best Refinery CMS alternatives for eCommerce!  

6 Refinery CMS alternatives for eCommerce


Alchemy CMS

This is an open-source headless CMS engine written in Rails that allows for smooth integration into any Ruby on Rails eCommerce store. The main differential between Alchemy and other content management systems for eCommerce is the ability to split the page into logical parts without relying on intricate stylings, markup, or layouts. It’s 100% pure good old-fashioned content, giving the developers complete flexibility when it comes to the design. It supports multi-domains and multilingual content, as well as a full-text search engine. 

Chameleon CMS

Chameleon is a fully-fledged e-business platform that’s the product of a service provider instead of a pure software manufacturer. This explains why it focuses on maintainability and customisability, helping to reduce the total costs of ownership. It actually builds on various components of the Symfony framework independently from both the software manufacturer and service provider - allowing flexible development, regular maintenance, and constant development. 

Locomotive CMS 

Locomotive CMS is an open-source content management system that was created specifically for developers. It helps web designers create, publish, and edit sites thanks to its stellar front-end development technology. This CMS features multi-site functionalities, different sections, an HTML integrator, completely flexible content types, templating for eCommerce, SEO, and localization services. As an open-source content management platform and one of the best Refinery CMS alternatives for eCommerce, Locomotive is a free software released under the MIT license.

Spina CMS

This is another open-source Refinery CMS alternative that comes with an innovative offer. This is a Ruby on Rails CMS that does not feature a webpacker on purpose, to maintain a simple and intuitive design. Spina focuses on its easiness of use, with some of its earliest features even having been influenced by the Refinery software itself. You can choose from 8 built-in elements to develop any pages you want as well as custom pages, theme templates, and premade layouts. 

5.Comfortable Mexican Sofa

Believe it or not, Comfortable Mexican Sofa is a Ruby on Rails CMS that’s been deemed one of the best Refinery CMS alternatives for eCommerce. This nifty yet extremely clean software can be used with any Rails 5.2+ application and is MIT licensed. Right now it has 22,860 downloads and an L5 Code Quality Rank on Awesome Ruby, which is solid proof of the tiny but mighty power of this particular content management system. It gives developers enough flexibility to create their own layouts when building a site, even allowing integrations with existing websites without the need to take much of a detour from the current project. 


This is a Rails 4+ content management system that acts as an efficient Refinery CMS alternative for eCommerce. It has a core focus on content and offers several blogging features on top of its eCommerce functionalities, making it perfect for online businesses that want to have a company blog on the same site. It features multi-site support, custom post types, a built-in search engine, and email list building functions. 

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