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Resolve Digital is Now Part of Blue Coding LLC

Resolve Digital was founded in 2002 on one guiding principle: we are in this together. Today, we have accumulated over 20 years of experience building high-end software solutions for tech giants, cutting-edge startups, eCommerce retailers, and even brick-and-mortar shops across a variety of industries. We have recently joined Blue Coding, which will allow us to continue bringing innovative visions into reality while increasing our resources and capacity to best help our clients. As always, we are firmly committed to crafting high-quality, customized digital experiences, focusing on improving profitability, helping our clients grow their market presence, and contributing to the career growth of our team members. This merger will enable us to continue scaling our operations while offering the same level of service and expertise expected from the Resolve team.

Blue Coding

Why You Should Join Our Team

Our community, more than any award, service, or technology, is what drives our company forward - a team of IT professionals always ready to collaborate on custom development, UI/UX design, site optimization, long-term maintenance, or cybersecurity.  With us, you can grow your career while delivering top-tier work. What gives value to our company stems from this collaboration, a step beyond assigning you a project and telling you what to do with it. Our goal is to create exceptional team synergy and foster a connected culture that bridges IT professionals and clients from all over the Americas. At Resolve Digital, you'll be able to be part of a fully remote team and work on international projects while advancing in your career.

Some of Our Perks and Benefits

International Projects

By joining Resolve Digital, you'll be part of a global team and work on international projects while being paid in USD. Our clients are primarily from the US and Canada so you'll be able to collaborate with a variety of industry professionals and work on all sorts of innovative projects.

Work From Anywhere

We love remote work! You're welcome to collaborate from anywhere in the world as long as you can have some overlap with North American business hours, depending on each project. Whether you're a true homebody or enjoy a more nomadic lifestyle, you can take advantage of our fully remote culture.

Local Holidays & Annual PTO

We're big believers in proper rest & relaxation to refuel our energy for the rest of the year. That's why we offer annual PTO for all of our team members, as well as local holidays depending on their home base location.