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Exam Master Corporation is in the business of providing exam preparation and review software to medical students (USMLE exams), residents (USMLE and Board Certification), physicians (Board Certification and SPEX) and other healthcare practitioners.

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Our Work with Exam Master

Executive Summary:

Delivering Outstanding Results

To address issues with the speed and quality of deliverables, and lack of clarity on the
progress of the development roadmap. There was a need for expert-level talent and Resolve Digital stepped up to fulfill it.

The Challenge: In-House Blockers

  • As owners and operators of several custom applications to run their software, Exam Master began facing issues with their in house delivery speed and quality. The company, like many others, was experiencing the need to rapidly evolve to the demands of their industry, when they turned to Resolve Digital as their trusted custom development partner.

The Solution: Outsourced Solutions

  • Exam Master engaged Resolve Digital to help ramp up development speed and replace part of the in house team. Resolve Digital quickly integrated to the existing development efforts and currently leads all major deliverables for Exam Master applications.

The Impact:

  • Increase delivery speed and quality as well as assure Exam Master management that their development budget is being well invested. This has increased Exam Master's confidence in continued technology investments.

About The Client

Exam Master is a study, review and test taking software for medical professionals. They provide exam preparation and review material to health care practitioners, medical students (USMLE exams), residents (SMLE and Board Certification) and physicians (Board Certification and SPEX). 

Exam Master launched its service in 1994 with the idea of providing a better way to prepare aspiring medical students and healthcare practitioners with licensure exams. Today, they own and operate two platforms: Exam Master Online and Academic Manager. Their innovative mindset to provide software solutions has catapulted the company to success with medical schools, medical libraries, teaching hospitals and individuals from all over the world.

Exam Master's Needs

The company owns and operates web applications built on Ruby on Rails, through which it delivers its services to its end clients, handles work with their consultants and manages back-office operations. Exam Master had been doing said development through an in-house team but overtime faced issues of unsatisfactory speed and quality of deliverables. With the need to maintain their software constantly, they also faced a general lack of clarity on the progress of the development roadmap for their products.

It became unclear to the management team whether the speed and quality at which development work was being done was ideal and consistent with industry standards. That's when Exam Master reached out to Resolve Digital and, as experts in custom development for SaaS, we were able to offer consulting and development services to quickly address their concerns.

Our Resolve Digital Solution

Understanding the ins and outs of Exam Master’s value proposition and business strategy, we engaged with Exam Master to help ramp up their existing development projects and essentially replace part of their inhouse team. Resolve Digital quickly integrated the existing development efforts For example, we migrated their software solution from a RackSpace to Heroku infrastructure. 

We have also worked with them on: 
- Migration from Rackspace to Heroku infrastructure
- Migration from Rails 3.2 to Rails 5.1
- Significant reduction in unresolved bugs
- Ada and VPAT Compliance
- Development of many new features and functionality

With the work done by Resolve Digital, the company has been able to acquire expert level talent to work on their development requests, without sacrificing delivery speed or quality. Together, we have assured the Exam Master that their development budget is well invested and ultimately boosted their confidence about continuing to invest in their technology.

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