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Manhattan Wardrobe Supply (MWS) is a purveyor of hair, makeup, and wardrobe care products for film, theater, and TV professionals. To better serve their New York City customers, they were expanding their store in Chelsea – but there were underlying changes with their online shop.

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Our Work with Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Executive Summary:

A New Site to Drive Sales Forward.

Manhattan Wardrobe Supply has been able to build a dream business by listening to their buyers’ demands and adapting its catalogue to those needs. As their customer baseline and industry has changed, so has their product offering. However, their value proposition of being a unique one-stop-shop remains at the core of their success.

The Challenge: Upgraded Work

  • To assume ongoing maintenance of their eCommerce site (running on Spree 1.3) and upgrade to a Spree 2.1

The Solution: Flexible and Responsive

  • To stabilize and update the existing code base and add new features that improve the customer experience and administrative functions.

The Impact:

  • An increase in overall conversions of 26% and a 51% spike in mobile conversions.

About The Client

Manhattan Wardrobe Supply is a one-stop-shop for hair, makeup, and wardrobe care products for film, theater, and TV professionals.MWS was founded in 1988 by Cheryl Kilbourne-Kimptonand Tommy Boyer. Together, they created a unique one-stop-shopping experience, by staying true to their corebusiness and offering unmatched customer service the company has managed to grow into the pro beauty service market, carrying hair and makeup supplies professionals. They have also expanded their store in Chelsea, New York, and added an eCommerce site.

MWS's Needs

MWS needed to invest on the right parner. Having found success via their one-stop-shop service through their careful product selection, the company looked to expand its store in Chelsea to Broadway, Las Vegas, as well as investing in an eCommerce website.
However, when launching the website they ended up having a difficult time finding the right partner for their needs.

When they first turned to Resolve Digital, the company was investing countless hours in
stabilizing the code base and notany new (necessary) feature add-ons. They were draining their resources trying to manage the bugs on their site – as soon as they would fix one, more would pop up.

Our Resolve Digital Solution

As experts in the field, we were able to assume the maintenance of their site and upgrade it to achieve a fully functional site with new features. Working with Resolve Digital brought about visible upgrades for their site within weeks. When assuming the maintenance of the
site Resolve addressed many of the ongoing bugs including page load times, server errors, and deployment restrictions. A major change was the upgrade to Spree 2.1 from the 1.3 version that had been used originally.

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